Hydrogen Solutions

Umagine aims to provide solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions of households and commercial businesses. With its ability to be generated from a range of sources, its ubiquitous abundance, and being an intelligent solution to energy storage, Hydrogen will play a pivotal role as a global solution for decarbonization.


At Umagine we are working on a state-of-the-art hydrogen powertrain kit that will help light commercial vehicle companies & owners who are looking for reliable and cost effective zero emission vehicles in the future.

Key features:

  • Retrofit option allows existing internal combustion engine vehicle init to fuel cell electric vehicle
  • Low weight solution reduces the total weight of the vehicle
  • Reduces the fuelling time as compared to batter electric vehicle
  • Long range than battery electric vehicle
  • Zero emissions


Our mobile hydrogen refueller aims at to provide hydrogen to FCEV users at their desired location whenever and wherever necessary. We act as a helpline and provide the service be it on the highway, at office or home location. With mobile hydrogen refueller we also help save customers’ time of travelling to the nearby station and relieve them from the anxiety of hydrogen availability.

Key features

  • Hydrogen at any location, anytime as per the convenience of the customer
  • Hydrogen at comparable price to that of the refuelling stations
  • Mobile App based system to easily order hydrogen and track the supply


The residential hydrogen refuelling station (R-HRS) aims to provide hydrogen vehicle owners the comfort of having reliable access to hydrogen for their fuel cell based electric vehicles. This customisable home-based refuelling system allows owners to refuel their cars at home, at their own convenience.

Key features:

  • All-in-one hydrogen production and refuelling unit
  • Home-based refuelling
  • Low carbon footprint – using low-carbon hydrogen as a fuel

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